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“ I hope you know that in that little studio you have created something above and beyond your average fitness company, you
have created a magical community. ”

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Metabolic - Metabolism, or the rate at which the body burns energy.

Solution - Solving a problem or question.

Metabolic Solution - A company dedicated to helping our clients
blast fat, boost strength and improve fitness fast.

If you have ever struggled to get into shape, then we have the solution!

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Our personal classes -
These workouts use an exercise protocol that has been designed using a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercise. This allows our clients to burn fat, increase strength and boost fitness fast.

Bootcamp logo - used to be Brighton Bootcamp, link to classes

The original intense group workout - Formerly Brighton Bootcamp the Metabolic Solution’s Bootcamp offers a variety of classes designed to boost metabolic function, helping you to burn fat, improve fitness and boost strength fast.